one in a million

February 1, 2020By pencilmotivated No Comments

Some people like to stick out….I’m one of them. Average is not my style. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to stay in your comfort zone. But sometimes it’s really worth to take a look over the edge and go for it. Daring something is a reward itself, even if the outcome is not … Read More


January 30, 2019By pencilmotivated No Comments

This year is very promising. There will be change in almost every part of my life. I have to say: It is very exciting. How do you adapt to change? In my past I have found that times of little daily routine and traveling were the happiest.


April 19, 2018By pencilmotivated No Comments

I am fascinated by the effects of nature on me and my mood. I’m sitting outside, and I just witnessed two spotted woodpeckers having sex on the cherry tree. The garden is in transformation. Every day new leaves and blossoms appear. I feel totally at ease. And all it takes is to step outside and … Read More

Riding the Bull

June 18, 2017By pencilmotivated No Comments

Got my head out of the sand somehow and faced reality last week. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that idiot? I have gone through at least 7 cycles of ups and downs since we last met, and I’m kinda worn out. Enough analyzing. I have to ride the bull and get back to … Read More


June 2, 2017By pencilmotivated No Comments

Yesterday was awesome. I’m totally sore from hiking today. I think I’m gonna stay in bed. We didn’t get a lot of sleep lately. Penelope and I are together 24/7. So far I still want her around. I’m still waiting for that “oh, oh” moment. You know what I mean? That moment when you forgot … Read More