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Just came from a meeting, and I have to blow off some steam here! Have you ever had a negotiation with a “yes-but” kinda person? Oh I’m sure you have, because they are EVERYWHERE! Think about the last time you had a good idea. What reply did you get? Something like: “Oh that’s awesome, but … Read More


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Just finished a spot for a video wall. I don’t mean to be a bitching actor, but it IS exhausting. Well, I’m not as¬†frustrated at the moment as I have been lately, but I’m still asking myself: How am I supposed to juggle business, family and relationship time? Seems that something, or someone is always … Read More


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Once again, I find myself sticking my head in the sand, waiting for things to calm down. We had a serious fight. Our first one. Yes, we still are in that early relationship stage. We have a lot of firsts. Please tell me when the air has cleared.