up and down

October 17, 2017By pencilmeditation No Comments

A couple of days of perfect late summer weather, and my mood has hit the ceiling. My mind is peaceful and I’m absorbing this special light. I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out. It’s all good. It least now, at this very moment. No fear, no anger, no pain. What a special and fragile state of … Read More


September 29, 2017By pencilconflict No Comments

Just came from a meeting, and I have to blow off some steam here! Have you ever had a negotiation with a “yes-but” kinda person? Oh I’m sure you have, because they are EVERYWHERE! Think about the last time you had a good idea. What reply did you get? Something like: “Oh that’s awesome, but … Read More

Oh Canada!

September 11, 2017By pencilNews No Comments

Oh Canada! Oh Vancouver! It’s been more than 10 years, and I’m very happy to be back. Especially this time of the year is so magic! The sunlight hits at the crazy angle, and everything looks like it’s set for a foto shooting. Not to forget the sunsets with countless shades of red. Austrians have … Read More


August 22, 2017By pencilmeditation No Comments

My mind has been on vacation in the past weeks. First it was to hot, later it was just plain lazy. All the things that didn’t happen, all the challenges that weren’t accepted. It felt like gravity got actually a little stronger. It was practically impossible to get out of the lounge chair. Out of … Read More


July 20, 2017By pencilconflict No Comments

Just finished a spot for a video wall. I don’t mean to be a bitching actor, but it IS exhausting. Well, I’m not as¬†frustrated at the moment as I have been lately, but I’m still asking myself: How am I supposed to juggle business, family and relationship time? Seems that something, or someone is always … Read More


June 26, 2017By pencilfrustrated No Comments

I have worked really hard lately. I’ve engaged with new companies and tons of people. I’ve answered questions until my mouth was dry. I got out of bed really early and worked long hours. People tell you that you have to set one step after another, and finally you will reach your goals. I have … Read More

Riding the Bull

June 18, 2017By pencilmotivated No Comments

Got my head out of the sand somehow and faced reality last week. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that idiot? I have gone through at least 7 cycles of ups and downs since we last met, and I’m kinda worn out. Enough analyzing. I have to ride the bull and get back to … Read More


June 7, 2017By pencilconflict, Insights No Comments

Once again, I find myself sticking my head in the sand, waiting for things to calm down. We had a serious fight. Our first one. Yes, we still are in that early relationship stage. We have a lot of firsts. Please tell me when the air has cleared.


June 2, 2017By pencilmotivated No Comments

Yesterday was awesome. I’m totally sore from hiking today. I think I’m gonna stay in bed. We didn’t get a lot of sleep lately. Penelope and I are together 24/7. So far I still want her around. I’m still waiting for that “oh, oh” moment. You know what I mean? That moment when you forgot … Read More

I am from Austria

June 1, 2017By pencilInsights No Comments

Pen and I are having a fabulous time. We left Italy, because I really wanted to show her some nice places around here. Had to go up a mountain with her, even though I’m really more the urban type. But hey, you know how it is at the start of a relationship. You do a … Read More