I have worked really hard lately. I've engaged with 
new companies and tons of people. I've answered questions 
until my mouth was dry. 
I got out of bed really early and worked long hours. 
People tell you that you have to set one step after another, 
and finally you will reach your goals. 
I have come to the conclusion, that this is NOT how things work. 
At least not for me. 
My aim is still as far away as always. 
Emotionally it feels even further. 
So what am I supposed to do? 
Think positive, yeah right. That's a modern fairy tale.
A lot of people struggle all the time, and nothing ever gets better. 
No matter how positive they think. Are you one of them? 
So how come you are not frustrated? Oh, you are? 
Tell me, what do YOU do about it?

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