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Penenlope, yes, that’s her, and I are having a very good time together. Endless talking, hanging around on the beach, enjoying life. She is beautiful, and she feels really good…..


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Interesting how meeting new people can change your view immediately. That’s exactly why I love traveling. You wonder around a city, and you start seeing the world with different eyes. I mean suddenly I can appreciate little details, I enjoy watching people, and most important, I feel calm inside. Guess that’s also attractive to others. … Read More


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I love art. New perspectives, different angles. Things can be upside down and still on top. It’s liberating to be here. If you wonder about that hot chick next to me, I’ll tell you about her later


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I’m not that kind of guy who likes to hang around on the beach for ages. Took the boat to Venice. It was a nice ride. I knew that I wasn’t gonna spend all my money by having some coffee at St Marks Square, so I headed the other direction towards the Biennale area. Met … Read More

on the road

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Enough complaining! I’m so sick of myself. Everyday I feel sorry for myself. Nobody loves a looser. I gotta get a life. Time for a road trip. Haven’t been at the beach for ages. Found myself a real nice pen-insula. So excited.

time for a change

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I’m having a crisis here. I’m doubting myself. I’m not sure what my future looks like, or if there even IS a future for a guy like me. Is anyone even writing anymore these days? Every time I look around I see people staring at their mobiles. When is the last time you’ve written a … Read More

this is me

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Life is tough. Sometimes I wish I could just quit writing and start a new life. But hey, what options are there for a guy like me? I mean, come on…. I am a pen and I’m shaped like a pencil, kinda trans-pen or inter-pencil, and I’m really not sure where I belong. People tell … Read More