one in a million

October 25, 2018By pencilmotivated No Comments

Some people like to stick out….I’m one of them. Average is not my style. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to stay in your comfort zone. But sometimes it’s really worth to take a look over the edge and go for it. Daring something is a reward itself, even if the outcome is not … Read More

Rainy Sunday

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just chillin’……. After a week of sunshine, a day of rain feels like a nice little pause… So if you are reading my words at this moment, I encourage you to take a break from what you are doing, turn off your devices, take a blanket, and stare out of the window ……….

taking care

August 23, 2018By pencilInsights No Comments

Do you own things, that are so precious you would never throw them out, but repair them as long as possible? We are surrounded by products that are made to be trash. It makes me sick to think about it. Think about it, if we spend more money on high quality we can live in … Read More

win my own game

June 27, 2018By pencilInsights No Comments

Life is tough sometimes. I had to go through some rough times myself. I walked by a lady yesterday. The print on her t-shirt made an impact, because I remember it today. She was a middle aged, jogging stranger. Looking like she was winning her own game at that moment. Reflecting about it, I’m setting … Read More


April 19, 2018By pencilmotivated No Comments

I am fascinated by the effects of nature on me and my mood. I’m sitting outside, and I just witnessed two spotted woodpeckers having sex on the cherry tree. The garden is in transformation. Every day new leaves and blossoms appear. I feel totally at ease. And all it takes is to step outside and … Read More

Bitter roots – sweet fruits

March 13, 2018By pencilInsights No Comments

Sometimes the medicine of life is quite bitter. I’ve had to swallow a lot lately. It takes some discipline to do so. Having the persistence to overcome obstacles, even though there is no sight of the other side yet, can be challenging. I am convinced that the IDEA of what could be on the other … Read More

Happy Holidays?

December 29, 2017By pencilInsights No Comments

It’s this time of the year that marks a transition. Midwinter, the change of light and darkness. This is to all who lost someone this year. At times we are “stuck in reverse”, but then “lights will guide us home and ignite our bones” My favorite Interpretation of this song is this one by the … Read More

smoke and fog

November 19, 2017By pencilInsights No Comments

I like this time of the year. Plants are taking a break, the weather is bad most of the time. At least here in Austria…. So I don’t have to feel guilty to stay inside and chill. Now is the time to burn some incense. Sage, mugwort, lavender. Burning them feels almost like burning evidence. … Read More

up and down

October 17, 2017By pencilmeditation No Comments

A couple of days of perfect late summer weather, and my mood has hit the ceiling. My mind is peaceful and I’m absorbing this special light. I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out. It’s all good. It least now, at this very moment. No fear, no anger, no pain. What a special and fragile state of … Read More


September 29, 2017By pencilconflict No Comments

Just came from a meeting, and I have to blow off some steam here! Have you ever had a negotiation with a “yes-but” kinda person? Oh I’m sure you have, because they are EVERYWHERE! Think about the last time you had a good idea. What reply did you get? Something like: “Oh that’s awesome, but … Read More